HIYA JENNY thanks for some fab pics at the STREETSOUNDS anniversary party SEASONS greetings best for 2013 much luv LEEE JOHN of IMAGINATION xxx

Lee E John

I want to express my utmost thanks to Jen for her unparallelled work, she accompanied me on my video shoot to take a selection of 'stills' and 'live' photography shots as the action unfolded and I was extremely happy to find that the pictures turned out to be far more exquisite than I could have ever imagined.

Jen was wonderful to work with, her patience and professionalism was top notch with the finished product unrivalled in clarity and quality. I will definitely use her again.

Georgie Bromfield - Second Image & The Groove Association

Georgie Bromfield
Second Image & The Groove Association

Jen is the most capable, professional and talented photographer I've met. She creatively engineers great shots to get the most out of her subject, thanks Jen!

Krystle Downie

Dynamic, no nonsense, fun, accurate, vibrant and composed. All what you want from a photographer but if you can't get it, one must expect that from the pictures. Jenny has merged her photos and her personality behind the camera to be her driving force when every picture taken.

Quince Garcia
Roadworks Media

Jenny has helped immensely with our book. The pics she did and the research she put in was invaluable. We'd work with her and help anytime we can.

DaveVJ, Choice FM

Jenny B is great at capturing the soul of a person and the atmosphere of an event. She makes you connect with the person and wishing you were at the party if you missed it or relive the night. I would definitely recommend her.

Diane Dunkley, MD of RM2 Music, Manager of Loose Ends/Carl McIntosh and Hannah Francis.

Thank you Jen for capturing so many great moments at our events with your top quality photo's.Your professional approach to your work always turning up & on time has greatly helped us to get to where we are today & I'm sure will bring you even more success in your new venture.Good luck from all @ Beyond-Soul x


JENNY B MARQUIS-BROWN has the eye of an artist, the composition of a painter and a natural cinematic visual instinct. Whether she is filming or taking static photos she always captures the core and heart of the image. I look forward to producing a documentary or REALITY TV project with her. Jenny is the MEDIA DIRECTOR for THE GADDAFI CLUB; she is invaluable to us

Ray Shell

Jenny Marquis has been taking excellent photographs at my events for over a year.
Jenny captures the excitement, and atmosphere at the events beautifully, and her pictures tell a great story.
We always look forward to re- living the event through Jennys pictures.
Jenny is a true professional, and hard working photographer.

Soul Network

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